Day 3: Guinobatan Longganisa, Pancit Bato and Visiting Kalikasan Organic Farm in Albay

I woke up from a good night sleep in a nice budget hotel in Albay. Two of my OA Blogger friends, hubby, and I decided to stay in one room so we could have more time together since one of them is leaving the country soon. I was excited for breakfast when I heard they will be preparing Bicol's best sili ice cream and more. True enough, they served us spicy laing and Guinobatan longganisa (sausage). 


For your information, Guinobatan is a first class municipality in Albay. The group was excited for the bus ride as we explore other tourist spots in Albay.


Kalikasan Organic Farm is owned by husband and wife. Marlyn and Marlon Longabela. We did not met Marlon but his wife Marlyn was present during our visit. She lead us in a short farm tour.


Kalikasan (nature) Farm is a 2 hectares organic farm located at Anislao, Daraga, Albay. It houses variety of naturally grown crops. The farm abundantly grows anti-cancer fruits such as guyabano, limoncito (lemon) and avocado. We also spotted chili plants and cacao tree.

Kalikasan farm is also a demo-farm of the Sa Agrarian Reform Iriba Gabos sa Kauswagan (SARIGAN) Cooperative located in Daraga, Albay. They offer integrated farming system where crops, livestock, and other farm components intertwine. This farm lives to their goals of promoting safe food "Eat Safe Food".


This nipa hut is a favorite spot of travelers, farmers, as well as the Longabela family. The nipa roof provides shade and protection under the heat of the sun or sudden rain, a perfect place to rest after a day's work in the farm. 


The family also make traditional sandok out of kawayan and bao ng niyog and sell them to visitors.


We finished the two hectares farm tour in an hour and a half. When we got back, a Pinoy favorite food were set in the table - Pancit Bato, fried sweet potato, banana, chicken tinola and home made candies.



Marlyn Longabela
Several trellis are made to support plants and crops.



Madre Cacao (Kakawate)
Madre Cacao (Kakawate)
with Lou, Aylin, Erica, Martin, Jonel, yours truly, Mrs. Longabela and Ruth

The Longabelas set an example that couples can work together to achieve their goals, for them it is to promote organic agriculture in their community. We found out that there are only few hands working at Kalikasan Organic Farm. It is amazing to know how they were able to sustain this farm even with limited manpower.

Agricultural Training Institute Central Office
ATI Building, Elliptical Road, Diliman
Quezon City 1100 Philippines
Trunkline: (63-2) 9298541 to 49
Fax no. (63-2) 9209792

Kalikasan Organic Farm
P-7 Anislao, Daraga, Albay
Facebook Page:

Time flies so fast, it's our 9th edition of the OA Blogger Farm Tour. Our farm trip to Bicol was made possible by the ATI Information Services Division and RTC V with the aim of promoting organic agriculture in the country. I hope that through these farm stories I was able to inspire you with the benefits of organic food.


Catherine Vinluan said...

ang saya! maaliwalas na paligid, sariwa ang hangin pati na tin yung mga pagkain..nakakarelax lang ... :) :)

Nichelle Abawag said...

Ang ganda po sarap talaga sa probinsya nakakarelax ang mga tanawin at presko ang hangin. 💚



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