City Grocer at City Delivery!

Last month, my regular visit to the supermarket dropped to twice from four times. I thought we should consume the food in preparation for so much food arriving this holiday season. I checked our pantry for stock specially those that are about to expire and started using them. Don't get me wrong, I love going to the supermarket, in fact it's my favorite weekly/bi-weekly activity. I'm always excited to prepare special meal for my husband.

SM Aura Supermarket!
SM Aura Supermarket!
Unlike other busy individuals armed with a shopping list, I would go almost every aisle and check each and every shelves spending about two hours before queuing at the payment counter. haha! I enjoyed my time inside the supermarket.

City Grocer at City Delivery!

There were days I pick up the phone and call food delivery system. Recently, we had Max's Fried Chicken and Jollibee spaghetti delivered at home. Then, I remember City Delivery, I realized I could also order my grocery supply through them. I tried and I like it - easy, fast and reliable!

City Grocer at City Delivery!
City Delivery Rider
I bought items from Pampanga's Best. Before I tell you about the meal I prepared for hubby, let me share you some City Delivery 101.

Most of us know City Delivery are just for cooked and ready meals, others do not know that they can even purchase medicine, flowers and even grocery items. The website has different divisions/sections to cater for all of your food, grocery and courier needs.

On their website, you'll find "City Grocer", you can choose, "order online". For our convenience, there are options such as "by area", "By type" and just key in "all restaurants" and you'll see the partner merchants.

It's been a while since I had tocino and the baby back ribs of Pampanga's Best! I'm glad that the prizes at City Delivery are the same on the local supermarket.

City Grocer at City Delivery!

First on my mind, Baby Back Ribs then I added pork tocino, meat loaf, loaf ham, chorizo macau and embotido roll. Few more clicks and I'm done shopping. 

City Grocer at City Delivery!

Next thing to do is choose your payment options, I chose Cash on Delivery (COD) followed by completing the required information such as name, address and contact number. 

City Grocer at City Delivery!

That's it! After 30 minutes City Delivery called me to verify my order. Unfortunately, the baby back ribs were out of stock. 

Pampanga's Best

The meat loaf should be order in advance, 2-3 days in advanced. On the other hand, the friendly customer care suggested other products such as the pork BBQ ribs. 

Pampanga's Best
Pampanga's Best Ordered through City Delivery
Pampanga's Best are ideal for office baon (packed lunch). They are easy to prepare and cook. Hubby likes the BBQ with matching sauteed veggie. I go for embotido and tocino specially for breakfast. You can also serve it to your surprise guests.

City Delivery is very helpful! When you're too tired and have no time to prepare the food for the family. If you're sick and no one to send to the supermarket to buy your grocery items including medicine. It's also a great way to surprise your loved ones with other items available on City Delivery. Check their website for more information!

Pampanga's Best

Pampanga's Best has been in the market for several years likewise City Delivery. Look, they are properly sealed and packed. There's a minimal delivery fee though which will be included in the total amount due. Mine is roughly Php89 for almost a thousand worth of grocery items. 

Pampanga's Best
Pampanga's Best Loaf Ham 
After an hour, my Pampanga's Best food packs arrived in good condition, frozen and sealed. How about you? What Pampanga's Best do you like the most? I recommend the easiest way of having these grocery items on your doorstep, call 87878 or log on at They are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can pay using Globe GCash, Credit Card, Smart Money and Cash on Delivery.


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