Physiogel, Extraordinary Moisturizer for Extraordinary Women

(L-R) Patty B. Balquiedra, Michee Cadhit, Alya B. Honasan
(L-R) Patty B. Balquiedra, Michee Cadhit, Alya B. Honasan
About two weeks ago or so, I was invited to attend and witness the gathering of three extraordinary women. They were all breast-cancer fighters. It was an honor to meet them and listen as they shared the struggles while feeling and looking at their best. They are the brand ambassadors of a number one moisturizer in the country, Physiogel.

Physiogel, Extraordinary Moisturizer for Extraordinary Women
Physiogel Hypoallergenic Cream, Lotion and Intensive Cream

At first sight, you wouldn't know they have the condition. They look very good, their skins were glowing and their smiles, very pretty. I don't know if they were suffering at that time. Some of them just graduated from radiation. I started to ask myself why they were so cheerful amidst all the struggles and pain.

Patty B. Balquiedra, 44, a blogger, online entrepreneur and a mother of two.

“I was very calm but I immediately went into fight mode. I wanted to know what had to be done, when and how. I felt like my body had been invaded by a really nasty enemy and I wanted to get rid of that enemy fast. I wanted to work closely with my doctors and be as informed as possible, before making any final decisions. When the anger (towards the cancer) died down, I began to feel scared and thought of my family, most especially my children and what would happen to them if anything happened to me.”

Physiogel, Extraordinary Moisturizer for Extraordinary Women

Alya B. Honasan, a veteran editor and writer for newspapers, magazines, and books. She is also a certified Iyengar yoga teacher, an avid scuba-diver, an occasional theater actor, and a doting mom to her dog Kikay.

“I have become a renewed believer in gut feel since I was diagnosed, because I had a feeling I had cancer as soon as the mammogram yielded ambiguous results. But after I was officially diagnosed, after my biopsy and before my surgery, my first thoughts were on the chances of my survival, as we still wouldn't know what stage I was until after surgery, and what this was going to cost me emotionally, physically, and financially. Frankly, the thought of dying wasn't as frightening as I thought it would be. And believe it or not, again, I was glad it was me, and not any of my loved ones or dear friends who had husbands and small children whose lives could be destroyed if they went. I actually thought at one point, so this is why I don't have kids! Also, back to that gut feel—I felt I was going to beat this, completely. I already knew that I was indubitably stronger than cancer. I'm a tough cookie.”

Physiogel, Extraordinary Moisturizer for Extraordinary Women

Michee Cadhit, head of the customer service and international relations department of The Medical City and a mother of three.

“I was alone when told by the radiology consultant of a ‘serious problem’ seen in my mammo and ultrasound, but I remained very composed. Even without a biopsy done, I knew what it was. I cried heavily that afternoon for fear of the unknown. Yet I also knew that I should be strong. The sooner I accepted the fact (of my diagnosis), the easier it was for me to move on. My experience of having a special child helped me cope well. I adapted the same way in handling my special daughter’s condition. As soon as she was diagnosed with her rare genetic disorder, the sooner we initiated all the necessary interventions. We no longer gave ourselves time to wallow over the misery of her condition. The attitude my husband and I had was always very positive. We both considered the diagnosis at an early stage as a true blessing.”

Physiogel, Extraordinary Moisturizer for Extraordinary Women

They suffered from dry, flaky, itchy and sunburn-like skin after each session of radiation. Physiogel, however, helps them get relief from their discomfort. Alya swears by the efficiency of the product, moreso because it was endorsed by her personal surgeon. Michee, meanwhile, uses Physiogel to ease the scars and rashes caused by radiation. Last, Patty knew about the virtues of the product long before she underwent chemotherapy.

After College graduation, I wanted to work in one of the busiest hospitals in the country. I submitted my resume in PGH and while waiting for vacancy/position (plantilla), I went to a month of training/observation. I was assigned in the female medical ward. One of the memorable cases I handled then was an old woman with late stage of breast cancer. She was very weak and suffering both physically and financially. She allowed us touch the affected breast - clumpy and hard like a stone, skin dry and flaky.

In 2009, grandma found out she has stage 3A lung cancer. She was at her 60's then yet she fought hard to the end. Although she did not recover, it was a good battle. She went through a series of test and invasive medical procedures followed by chemotherapy and radiation. I saw the abrupt changes in her, muscle atrophy, changes in her skin etc.

Physiogel Hypoallergenic Lotion
Physiogel Hypoallergenic Lotion

Perhaps, we're too focused on other medications such as chemotherapy. We should have given her Physiogel to lessen the discomfort. But I believe she knows how much we love and missed her.

Physiogel, Extraordinary Moisturizer for Extraordinary Women

Good thing there's Physiogel  alleviating the discomfort and prevents worsening of skin post-radiation. We're thankful on its advocacy in supporting breast cancer patients such at the 'I Can Serve Foundation'.

We went home with carrying a Physiogel gift pack! Thanks Physiogel!

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**Please consult your physician before using any products.  


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