My Vietura Resolift Experience

Sometime last year, my husband treated me to a wonderful body massage at Sofitel Le Spa. The hotel has been my favorite because of its luxury hotel services and amenities. Believe me when I tell you that even the spa provides a fantastic retreat! Read my review of Le Spa here.

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The husband knows I love going to a spa. Sometimes, I would ask him to apply oil and talcum powder on my back and legs which often hurts after a long and tiring day.


Few months later he gave me a voucher to use at Vietura and try the Resolift. Vietura is located at Sofitel Manila. They have highly-trained team of experts who will assist and guide you from choosing the right aesthetic procedure.

Vertical Garden/ Wall Plants at Vietura

Vietura Dental Room
Dental Room
The reception area welcomes clients and makes you feel important. I was assisted by one of the staff and ushered to the waiting lounge where they served me a cup of blooming tea and was introduced to one of Vietura's wellness coach. One of the concerns I raised was about weight management and she explained how they can help me. All these years, I've been wanting to gain weight but it's so difficult. I also inquire if scars (due to acne) can be removed and was delighted to know there's a procedure that can be done. Finally, I mentioned the treatment I would like to avail, Resolift and she explained it very well.

Treatment Room 
Resolift is one of their services. It's a facial treatment that works on our wrinkles. Moreover, it’s a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that tightens the skin.

Now that I'm in my 30's, I could see tiny wrinkles on my face - around the mouth, frown lines and eye area (periorbital wrinkle) so I started using anti-aging cream and sunblock religiously to improve skin elasticity.

My Resolift Experience at Vietura
Treatment Room 

Vietura offers a holistic approach for health and wellness providing non-invasive procedures. They have a separate treatment room, a colonic room for Colonics Hydrotherapy, two IV rooms for IV rejuvenation and IV Glutathione and Vitamin C, a dental room and a separate doctors' room.

Vertical Garden/ Wall Plants at Vietura
Vertical Garden/ Wall Plants at Vietura
The treatment room has a shower area with vertical garden. I wish other spas and wellness centers will follow this design. 

My Vietura Resolift Experience

The therapist gave me a soft robe to wear and was advised to remove jewelries and not to use my digital camera and smartphone. Sorry, I have no more photos to share. That moment, the husband was also having his facial treatment on another room so there's no one to take my photo. A metal plate was placed beside me. She started cleansing my face and applied generous amount of cream. There's a warm feeling as the therapist spreads the cream using the Resolift Wand. I'm happy with one treatment session but the therapist said it will have a greater effect after few more session. Vietura uses a technology to renew the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production.  The procedure works to minimizing wrinkles and improving skin elasticity.

After Resolift

Here's my photo after the procedure. The tiny wrinkles around the mouth and eyes were gone and I'm happy! I felt my skin tighten. It was a wonderful facial treatment. Have you tried this non-invasive, non-surgical Resolift at Vietura! Share your experience. 

Vietura is located at Sofitel Philippine Plaza
CCP Complex Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City
Contact No: +63 ) 551-5555 ext 5000, 5098


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