Part II: Strawberry Farm, Bell House + Baguio Itinerary

Sunday! I was excited to visit the Strawberry Farm. The last time I went there, I bought boxes of strawberries but never had the chance to experience harvesting until last Sunday. It was a great experience! Stories and more on our couple blog, Seats For Two.

View from the balcony in Azalea
As promised, here's Day 3 and 4 Baguio itinerary.

Breakfast at Tradisyon Restaurant, Azalea Residences

Day 3: March 30
7:00 am - woke up
8:00 am - breakfast at Tradisyon, must try is their hot Tsokolate
9:00 am - Strawberry Farm in Benguet
10:00 am - Sightseeing, souvenir and pasalubong shopping at Strawberry Farm
10:30 am - Vegetable shopping at La Trinidad Public Market
11:30 am - back to hotel
12:00 pm - ala carte lunch at Tradisyon
12 - 3pm - Rest/Free Time
3:00 pm - Camp John Hay, Bell House, Children's Playground
5:30 pm - back to Azalea
7:00 pm - dinner at Azalea. Today, we had tasty chicken a-la ciev
9:00 pm - rest, watch a movie

Strawberry Picking at Strawberry Farm
Fresh Strawberries in Benguet
Here's a short video taken from my instagram account,


Day 4: March 31
7:00 am - breakfast
8:00 am - Spent time at Azalea playground
8:30 am - Baguio public market for pasalubong
9:30 am - strolling at Botanical garden and Session Road
10:30 am - Back to Hotel
11:30 am - check out
1210 pm - Departure at Baguio City from Victory Liner terminal ( tried the Victory Liner De Luxe)
5:30 pm - arrival in Manila (SM North EDSA, Paramount)

Victory Liner Bus De Luxe 

So, are you heading to Baguio City this holiday? There are a lot to see in the city of pines, new hotel accommodation, tourist attractions and travel activities that never disappoint me each time I went there. 

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