Our Japanese Spa Experience at SM Kenko, Networld Hotel

Japan remains a dream desrination so I was excited when I heard they will ease visa requirement for Filipinos. I have never been to Japan but if given the opportunity I'd like to see Tokyo, the Meiji Shrine, Shibuya, Yoyogi Park, Zojoji and Senso-ji Temple, Tokyo at night. 

Few weeks ago, an invitation came to stay at Networld Hotel Spa and Casino along Roxas Boulevard. It's a premiere hotel with 89 rooms offering world-class Japanese services for foreign and local guests. The hotel boasts Nihongo-speaking managers, and staff who are well-trained in Japanese service.

The Golden Building of Networld Hotel Spa and Casino
The Royal Room (Room 906)
Spacious Bathroom with Bathtub
Two week ago, we had a wonderful overnight vacation at Networld Hotel at one of their premiere suites, the Royal Room located at the 9th floor.

Hotel Review posted on our Couple Blog, SeatsForTwo. 

Japanese Spa: SM Kenko 

The Japanese spa services was one of the memorable experiences during our stay. Dry sauna and steam rooms, hydrojet massage pool, foot and whole body massage are some of the spa's offering. It was my first time to experience a Japanese spa complete with Japanese attire.

The sauna /Jacuzzi room is spacious, guests can move comfortably. Pardon that I cannot share photos of the steam room and hydrojet pool for security.

Before the treatment
When I was offered to try SM Kenko's spa services, I jumped to the opportunity. I tried a lot of spas treatments in the past but never a Japanese spa. There's Swedish, traditional hilot and Thai massage. The last one was quite different, the therapist applies electric current (electrotheraphy massage). It was good but it's not my type of relaxation, it's more of a therapeutic massage.

Change outfit wearing Yukata or Japanese robe when using the spa
The lounge
Entrance to dry sauna, steam rooms and Hydrojet Massage Pool
We checked in at 1pm and set an appointment at SM Kenko Spa for foot massage at 4pm. We want to maximize our time so an hour before the foot spa we use the dry sauna and steam rooms. Upon entering the lounge, we were greeted with friendly staff and given locker rooms. The male and female dry sauna and steam are separated. They provided clean towels, Yukata or Japanese robe and slippers.

We were advised to remove our clothes including underwear. Naked! At first, I felt uncomfortable because others might see the scar below my navel. Besides no one sees my naked body except my husband. We were all naked when we enter the steam room and hydrojet massage pool. A friendly staff reassured me the security inside the treatment room. Guests started to arrive and undress, some were a bit shy too but most of them were comfortable.

There's enough shower rooms and dressing tables with huge mirrors. The dressers are complete with talcum powder, lotion, hair dryer, hair brush, cotton balls etc. The shower rooms have hot and cold water, liquid soap, shampoo and hair conditioner.

The heat might be uncomfortable so I just dipped my toes first to the hot Hydrojet massage pool. It is designed to bring out water with powerful pressure, the constant kinetic force massages your muscles with just the right amount of strength. We spent an hour at the sauna room and felt rejuvenated, my skin soft and supple to touch. The therapeutic heat opened my pores and removes all the toxins. My husband loves the dry sauna!

The Hydrojet Massage Pool (photo from SM Kenko Website)

SM Kenko Steam Room uses yomogi grass, for added medicinal value and a true aromatherapy experience. Yomogi Grass grows in Southern area of Japan, it's rich in Chlorophyll and is said to be a powerful agent for detoxification and anti-aging.

A Separate Lounge at the 5th Floor

Non-Smoking Area
smoking area
Done with the sauna, we proceeded to the 5th floor for a soothing foot spa (foot scrub + foot massage). There's a separate lounge for cigarette smokers. Both has LCD TV with cable channel and you will relax in a reclining sofa. The bar serves complimentary hot and cold tea, you can also order snacks and drinks. Ms. Anita, one of the pioneer therapists did my foot spa.

Couple Foot Spa
Foot spa was followed with a relaxing whole body massage right after our dinner at one of Kenshu's Tatami rooms

Read more about our Japanese dinner at Kenshu on NomNomClub soon! 

Although they don't have a couple's room there's an Executive Room with about five beds. We were treated with mix Swedish and Shiatsu massage. My therapist did a long, soothing strokes and works on pressure points applying gentle to firm pressure. Then she stretched my extremities. Another memorable experience was the shoulder and neck stretch. It was scary but I felt relief of muscle tightness afterwards. My husband and I were laughing when we hear clicking sounds as they perform the shoulder and neck stretching. The therapists were very professional and highly trained.

The Royal Room with Panoramic View 

The whole body massage lasted an hour then we went back to our suite and slept in one of the twin beds holding each other tight. Don't worry, I did not fell off the bed! The Japanese Spa was a wonderful, rare experience. I certainly welcomed the opportunity to sweat a little even if I'm naked.

SM Kenko Spa5/F Jipang Building, Roxas Blvd. cor. Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. Pasay City, Metro Manila, 1302 PhilippinesTel. (632) 536-7777(632) 536-5830(632) 834-7777

Networld and SM Kenko Spa Anniversary Promos: 

In celebration of its 13th anniversary, the hotel offers huge discounts on rooms and spa services. 

Enjoy 50% Discount on Published Room Rates. Get 25% off on all Spa services every Wednesdays starting June to August 2014. 

SM Kenko is located at the 5th and 6th floors of the Networld Hotel. They are open from 11AM to 7AM with free WiFi and lounge facilities on the 6th floor. You may also visit their branches at NAIA Terminal 1 and 3. Have you tried a Japanese spa or visited SM Kenko spa? How was your experience? 

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