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Sony Bravia 4K new line of Televisions were recently launched at Marriott Hotel. Since we came from an overnight stay at Remington Hotel a day before the event, we decided to attend and see for ourselves what's new with Sony Bravia.

Sony Bravia 4k Experience

I'm a huge fan of televisions. Then I met a man who shares the same interest. When we got married and moved in, I found dozens of movies he collected over the years. I have few, most of them are concerts and animated films. Watching movies became one of our favorite bonding activities.

Sony Bravia 4k Experience

Back to the event, the launch was hosted by the gorgeous Ms. Issa Litton in lovely yellow dress. 

Sony Bravia 4k Experience

Taking off from their initial launch of the very exclusive 84-inch 4K TV two years ago, Sony now offers a more dynamic range of this experience by introducing five (5) new screen sizes fit for any type of personality and budget.  This year, Sony is bringing to the market its X9000B Series available in an 85-inch screen size and its X8500B Series available in 70-inch, 65-inch, 55-inch and 49-inch screen sizes. All are capable to deliver the highest picture quality. 

Sony Bravia 4k Experience

Using the capabilities and magic of 4K technology, we can see beautiful details, clearer, sharper, crisp and colorful moving images.

Sony Bravia 4k Experience

To experience Sony Bravia 4K, we were taken to different stations.

Sony Bravia 4k Experience

This was my favorite station featuring ClearAudio+™ technology, a unique feature which combines a variety of Sony’s unique audio digital processing technologies to produce high-quality sound. I just want to take this home!

Sony Bravia 4k Experience

Oh, another favorite is the gaming station.

Sony Bravia 4k Experience

as if I'm watching real basketball game. 

Sony Bravia 4k Experience

The TRILUMINOS Display technology creates incredibly true, rich, authentic and natural shades of colors. Bold colors including hard-to-reproduce reds, aqua blues, and emerald greens.

Sony Bravia 4k Experience

Another brilliant feature is the One-Flick Remote that can instantly pull up a short cut menu that lets users navigate their favorite TV channels, networked photos and online videos from YouTube, Crackle, and Video Unlimited.

Sony Bravia 4k Experience

The interesting Social Viewing capabilities that integrate uninterrupted video-conferencing as the technology eliminates echoes to ensure clear conversations, as well as provide you the opportunity to view live tweets and share moments with friends via Skype, all happening simultaneously while watching on a Sony TV. That's totally awesome! This feature is just perfect for bloggers like us. 

Sony Bravia 4k Experience

Other features includes:

  • X-tended Dynamic Range PRO technology 
  • QD Vision’s Colour IQTM optical component with Sony’s unique display technologies
  •  4K X-Reality PRO processing engine

If you want to experience Life In Beautiful Details, visit, like or visit Sony centers near you.

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