Dove Hair Vitamin

For me, taking a bath is almost the same as going to the spa - having a relaxing massage, nail care/foot scrub or foot spa so I always find bathing pleasurable. I usually spend forty-five minutes to an hour in the bathroom. Why not? There's so much to, I mean the cleansing rituals - shampoo and hair conditioner, body scrub, lather and rinse. Few days ago, I woke up to a special morning treats from our friends from Dove Philippines. It's a basket full of healthy treats not only for my body but also for my hair. Lately, I've been complaining about the bad hair day and having a hard time styling. I know it's time for the annual hair straightening but husband said I don't even need it even if I have extra 20% off as a birthday treat from the salon, lol!

Dove Hair Vitamin

The gift comes with bottles of my favorite brand, Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. They are really meant for my almost dry hair. It also comes with a jar of coffee beans and oats, delicious and healthy Lemongrass tea from Bayani Brew and breakfast granola from Casa San Luis Pastries

Dove Hair Vitamin

Dove Hair Vitamin

Off to the shower, I spent the usual an hour taking a full bath, shampoo and hair conditioner using Dove. I love the smell, the soft fluffy clean lather on my skin and hair and the scent it leaves on my bathroom.


The new Dove Hair Vitamin comes in a individual single-use capsule (available in 6 capsules per pack) just like the regular vitamins. It is more effective when used after cleansing and hair conditioning. Here's how to use? 

Dove Hair Vitamin

Step 1: Use Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. Squeeze out excess water from hair. 

Dove Hair Vitamin

Step 2: Pop out the Dove Daily Hair Vitamin capsule from the pack. You may cut or pinch the end of the capsule and gently squeeze out the oily content onto palm.

Step 3: Apply Dove Hair Vitamin evenly from the middle of the hair strands down the tips. You don't have to rinse. Style hair as desired and see the difference.

Now, I'll add the Dove Hair Vitamin to my shopping list. It's been a week since I started using the hair vitamin and notice the effect. The Vitamin E, botanical extract and mineral oil nourished my hair. It also protects from external factors such as pollution and sun damaging rays that causes drying and freezing. I felt my hair healthier, softer, smells good and manageable.

TIP:  For damaged hair, use other Dove hair products like the Dove Overnight Intense Repair and the Dove 2-steps intense repair.



It's time to buy more vitamins! Find out more about Dove, follow them on IG/Twitter and Facebook, @DovePh

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  1. So that's how the hair vitamin works! I've never tried one before in my life, but I am a fan of Dove shampoo/conditioner, soap, and body wash. :)


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