Unilever Food Solution's Culinary Festival 2014

The Culinary Festival 2014 hosted by Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) was a huge success attended by about 500 hundred chefs, restaurateurs, and caterers from the Philippine food industry. Unilever Food Solutions is the food service arm, maker of my favorite brands Knorr, Lady’s Choice, Best Foods and Lipton.

UFS Culinary Festival 2014

This exciting culinary event pooled in together food industry experts in the Philippines to look into the latest trends and practices that are expected to shape the Philippine dining landscape. 

Chefmanship Cupcakes

“Our mission at Unilever Food Solutions is to equip members of the food service industry with product solutions coupled with the skills and knowledge needed to run an efficient commercial kitchen nowadays,” shared Unilever Food Solutions Philippines Channel Marketing Manager Seanta Pasic-Reyes.

UFS Culinary Festival 2014

UFS brings this to life through the Chefmanship Academy, a roving culinary training program designed to meet the diverse needs of food service professionals.

Lady's Choice Salad
Lady's Choice Salad

There were food kiosks offering delightful meals such as this fresh and healthy green salad with Lady's Choice salad dressing of your choice. I had more than the usual serving, the greens were crunchy, dressing tasty. 

UFS Culinary Festival 2014

Chef Robby Goco (Green Pastures and Cyma) presented Philippine food trends today which I find very interesting and helpful for foodie and blogger like me who also features food on this blog. Some of the insights presented were about Filipino food, Chefs as food endorsers, 5-ingredient dishes, purity of ingredients. The 3rd wave coffee was also discussed. The current movement in producing high quality coffee.

UFS Culinary Festival 2014

I passed by the stalls and found some of my favorite brands participating the Food Festival. There's Cif, a bathroom cleanser I've been using since last year. Livestock's Meltique also joined the festival.

Unilever Food Solution's Culinary Festival 2014

The event captured three major game changing trends food professionals need to watch out for: integrating sustainability in menus, micro-targeting customers, and pushing the power of digital media.

In the afternoon, guests were treated to a large quantity food production led by the UFS chefs, Executive Chef Joanne Limoanco-Gendrano, Sous Chef Pipo Aluning, Senior Sous Chef Janice Lazaga, Sous Chef Marilen Ingco and Senior Sous John Paul Sia.

Unilever Food Solution's Culinary Festival 2014
Talks were led by RJ Ledesma, Chef Robby Goco, Joanna Manalastas, JJ Yulo, Chef George Lizares, and Pong Go.

Throughout the day, the culinary festival also highlighted fun booth activities and several restaurants on wheels for participants to try delicious cuisines. It was an insightful event, I hope to attend more events like this. Congratulations Unilever Food Solution!


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