The Brilliance of OPPO Mirror 5

For the past three years, all my gadgets and its accessories comes in classic black. I chose the color because I like its elegant, sophisticated look. Prior to that, I had an orange flip top Razr and another phone in blue color. I went back to classic black color except the white BlackBerry Z10 my husband gave me. Last month OPPO launched their several colors of OPPO Trio. I love the light blue OPPO Neo 5. Then came the OPPO Mirror 5 in two colors - crystal white and blue.

The Brilliance of OPPO Mirror
The Brilliance of OPPO Mirror 5

OPPO launched its latest smartphone in a public event held at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium entitled #ASparkOfBrilliance.

What I like About The Oppo Mirror 5

Eye-catching external design with a bi-metallic frame. The ColorOS 2.1, the latest OPPO OS Based on Android 5.1, OPPO’s new OS provides a faster, steadier, and overall enhanced user experience.

OPPO Mirror 5

Besides the new UI and extended themes available, ColorOS comes with fast activation speeds, smooth and steady sliding, as well as more memory and power, in which key application scenes have been optimized.

OPPO Mirror 5

Moreover, the Mirror 5 is power-packed with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad-Core 410 64-bit processor with 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM. It brings fast and seamless multitasking between games, programs and applications. The Mirror 5 offers 3G with super-high speeds, dual-SIM slots, and SD card support of up to 128GB.

OPPO Mirror 5 has 5 MP front camera with selfie flashlight and an 8MP rear camera, making for stunning selfies and landscape photos. With greater photosensitivity for low light conditions and a swift exposure time to minimize blurring, as well as the newly enhanced Pure Image 2.0+ engine, you can look forward to consistently superior images.

Sarah Geronimo for Oppo Mirror 5
Sarah Geronimo for Oppo Mirror 5

The intuitive Remote Control function of the Mirror 5 enables users to take control of various household appliances using their phone with stronger and more sensitive signals from lengthy distances.

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One of the features I like is the specialized three-in-one efficient management and organization function that can automatically sort, transfer, and manage icons by batches. What’s more is its automatic memory garbage clearing process that is initiated every 10 minutes of being idle.

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