Fly High: Lessons In Life

My first out-of-town this year happened three days ago upon the invitation of Sun Cellular and Smart Telecom. These two telco giants invited us for an afternoon of fun and outdoor play away from our gadgets.

From BGC, we traveled all the way Nuvali Park Sta Rosa Laguna for the Kite Flying Party. It took us about an hour to reached Nuvali, without traffic. I wish it remains this way everyday. Anyway, there's the smart people waiting for us including our personalized kites and art materials. Like what I mentioned on my instagram account, some things were quite frustrating lately. Even though I'm still not in good mood that day, I think I was able to do my best I can.

Each of us were give kites. We were encouraged to paint and design according to our fancy. Someone drew a lion's face, another one a women's pretty face. Then there's a lady bug, hubby just put his finger prints in it. I do not know what to draw so I just paint it with white waves.

Kite Flying Lessons
Jonel teaching me how to hold the tie and letting it go 
How to stay happy
This is my favorite photo of him. He's really like a child. He laughs even on small things, I admire his positive outlook in life. 
Cherry Mobile Action Cam Review
For the first time, I take my #CherryActionCam on a trip. I still have to familiarize myself on the camera features though.
Designing a kite
I lost my red kite and never got it back so I made another one. This time, it has flowers and a butterfly. :)
Kite Flying Festival 2016
I tried flying the huge kite. It was heavy and I'm small, lol! 
A Giant Kite #FlyHigh2016
Kite Flying Party 2016 at Nuvali Park
A Giant Kite #FlyHigh2016
One more time...
Clear Sky in Nuvali
I think I had enough Vitamin D from too much sun exposure. I also forgot to bring sunblock.

Sunnies Shades
a quick photo opp with Karina and Kim coz we wore the same sunnies, lol!
My first ever kite flying experience
My first ever kite flying experience

It was my first time to flew a kite. I remember just watching my brother playing a kite from our rooftop. So I had no idea how to effectively fly a kite. Should I throw it in the air just like that? They say, the best way to fly a kite is to have someone get the kite into the air. There should be a distance between you - one holding the string, the other one holding the kite. Your buddy will release the kite facing you.

What a delight to see my kite in the air. As the kite dances in the air, flying high, I also realized how I should deal frustrations in life. Let go just like how you release the string of the kite so it can fly high. Have you tried flying a kite? How's your experience? How about dealing with frustrations and baggage in life? Share your thoughts. You can email me at

Special thanks to Voyager Innovations, Smart and Sun Cellular for their invitation.

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