How to Prevent Travel Dehydration

Do you feel dehydrated when traveling? Every time I would notice dryness on my mouth, I will increase water intake, add juice or electrolytes to my diet. After our recent trip in Australia, I noticed my skin dry.

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It's easy to spot the signs and symptoms of dehydration - fatigue, fever, muscle cramps, cravings for sweet, hunger, just to name a few. The good news is that there are lots of beverages including sports drinks with electrolytes. The bad news though a lot are just made with purely refined sugar. There's actually no problem with sugar, in fact, it is one of the ingredients in making hydration solution. So what's the best hydration therapy then?

Amway Nutrilite PhytoPowder Ingredients
Read the label! 
Recently, Amway Philippines introduced its latest innovation called Amway Nutrilite PhytoPowder, a healthy powdered mix which provides proper dehydration by providing important water soluble vitamins.

Studies say that air traveling causes dehydration. Not only during air traveling that we are prone to dehydration, even mountaineering/hiking, and other travel activities that we forgot to increase fluid intake. Amway Nutrilite PhytoPowder comes in a convenient foil stick that you can carry anytime, anywhere like traveling.


We also lose water soluble vitamins during the course of the day, especially when we are active or doing exercises. Unlike their fat soluble counterparts, water soluble vitamins are used up quickly and more frequently especially when we are more active.  They can and should be replenished often in a single day.  They provide all kinds of mental and physical benefits from improved alertness to increased energy, to improved immune function.  It is also nearly impossible to overdose on water soluble vitamins, because we simply get rid of excess quantities through urination.

Benefits of PhytoPowder in Amway's Nutrilite

PhytoPowder is phytonutrient and fiber enhanced.  Phytonutrients are plant based compounds with myriad benefits that were first identified by Nutrilite founder Carl Rhenborg in 1934.

Phytonutrients are powerful antioxidants, and have been found to have color specific benefits.  The color of the plant from which a particular Phytonutrient is extracted determines what benefits it delivers. Some benefits includes improved vision, improved mental alertness, improved joints, prostate health, cellular health and many more. The benefits of fiber are well documented, particularly its role in digestion, nutrient absorption and detoxification.

To make a delicious, refreshing drink, simply add 1 sachet of Amway Nutrilite PhytoPowder to a glass of water (220 ml), I like it cold.

Amway Nutrilite PhytoPowder Price and Flavors

PhytoPowder comes in two variants, Refresh Lemon for regular hydration, and Electrolyte Orange for those extra active days. Nutrilite is exclusively distributed in the Philippines and globally by Amway. Amway Nutrilite PhytoPowder retails at Php1,100.


The next time you're off to see the world, make sure to frequently check on your health status. Include lots of fluids in your diet, eat right, maintain proper skin care, exercise, and enough sleep.

In our busy and stressful schedule, our body become more prone to dehydration. I share a list of Skin Care Tips when Backpacking, hope you will take time to read. With Amway Nutrilite PhytoPowder, it will be easier to recover or prevent from travel dehydration.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, mahalaga talaga na always hydrated tayo. ☺


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