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I love Philippine-made products. From food, makeup, bags, home decors, to furniture. Every time I would travel in any region, I made sure to bring home something that would remind me of that place.

Sagada weaved products are not only beautiful, but they are specially handcrafted. I had Sagada weaved wall decor, weaved bag, and weaved blankets. For coffee lovers, did you know that we also have organic coffee from Sagada.

Pampanga is well-known for its furniture industry. I've been to some of the best Pampanga furniture makers, they create export quality furniture. They even made furniture for international and Hollywood celebrities.

These are just few of the many Filipino made products we should be proud of.

Brand Pilipinas Launched

Recently, top Filipino brands and organizations have come together to launch a movement that hopes to propel the single most important brand for all Filipinos - Brand Pilipinas.

Amor Maclang
The event gathered more than a hundred top local brands who signed up to be partners in the Brand Pilipinas advocacy which aims to enhance local brands, locally made products and our homegrown artisans.

It was a full day event with inspiring talks on Why Local B2B Brands are Slaying It, The Search for Origins - The Quest for Relevance in Food, Emerging Social Enterprises, Local is the New Premium Brand Pilipinas- The Arts, and finally, Why the Philippines is Poised to be the Next Tech Hub.
“Be brown and proud! Let’s show our love for local products by supporting local enterprises,” David Lim, Founder of Brown & Proud Movement said.
Ngayon ang oras para ipakita natin sa buong mundo ang ating dangal bilang Pilipino. Matapang, magaling, malikhain, mapagmahal sa bayan. Yan ang tatak ng tunay na Pilipino na kinakatawan ng Brand Pilipinas.” Brand Pililpinas Movement Co-Convenor actor  and Founder of Liwanag ng Kapayapaan Foundation Robin Padilla said.
The Brand Pilipinas Conference is organized and supported by the following partners: Brown & Proud Movement, GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications, Group of Five Creative Concepts, IPG Mediabrands, Liwanag ng Kapayaan Foundation, Robin Padilla, United Neon Advertising, and Vidanes Celebrity Management.


Brand Pilipinas hopes our support by choosing homegrown brands over the more popular and highly-commercial international brands. There are a wide range of Philippine-made products in the market. From food, everyday consumption, beauty products, name it and we have it.


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