Kojie.san Empowers Women Through Beauty

Growing up, I always wanted to have a straight long black hair. I want to learn how to apply makeup on my own. I was also hoping to achieve a whiter complexion. In our family, we were taught how to take care of ourselves. My grandma who would always love to try beauty products. Aunt P would always look for whitening beauty soap, she introduced Koji.san to me as one of the best whitening product.

There is nothing wrong in spending for beauty products. As they say looking good makes you feel good, and when you feel good, everything will just follows to be good.

Recently, I attended the Kojie.san's new campaign "Command Beauty" event held at Marriot Hotel. Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. (BEVi), the company that owns Kojie.san, encourages women to stop allowing others to set the standards of beauty for them, and to look the way they want, to feel the way they want, to have confidence in themselves regardless of social pressure.

"Beauty isn't just stripping down to the natural, it's also going a little extra. It isn't just being subtle, it's also going all out and loud. Loving all kinds of beauty means loving all kinds of beauty no matter how bold it gets. Kojie.san has always been a game-changer in the beauty business. We urge women to take control of their beauty decisions with "Command Beauty". Let no one shame them for these decisions. We want them to tell their stories to inspire others to be loud and proud,"said Jann Kelcey Chua, Kojie.san Senior Brand Manager. 

Aside from this campaign for women empowerment, BEVi also introduced new product lines - Defensil Isoprofil Alcohol, Bellic, Pureganics and the Kojie.san for Men.

Aside from the well-know beauty products of Kojie.san (skin lightening soaps and cream), they are also expanding into the wellness category with its newest extension Life by Kojie.san, which consist of  Glutathione Anti-Oxidant Drink and Acai Berry extract and vitamins.

For dog lovers, BEVi also introduced Top2Tail 2-In-1 + Conditioner that is effective and gentle for your pets.

Even though we live through this digital age where just a click away and you can be judged, remember that you are beautiful! Just believe in yourself. I believe that we are all beautiful in our own unique ways. This beauty is a gift from God and everything that is from our creator is perfect.


  1. proud user here ng kojie.San miss marj yes maganda siya talaga nakaka lighten siya ng skin..Since gumamit ako nito yung original brand talaga ng kojie.San ginamit ko..my before and after pa nga ako picture eh.

  2. yes it's fine going a little extra..
    I am use this one too lalo na they have promo and affordable siya siya talaga. There's a strong message with this campaign " Command Beauty " and i love it.
    Glad there's product too for animal lovers.


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