The Gift of Saving: Open an Account with GSave

Christmas is just around the corner. Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? We remember our office mates, friends and family members during Christmas but how about yourself? While everyone is busy shopping for other people, I hope you don't forget to give something for yourself. Visit the salon for a me-time, give the gift of health by enrolling to the gym. Best gift for yourself is to secure your future and prepare for emergency, why not open an account and save. No need to worry if you have limited requirement like what most banks need, with GSave you can start open an account and save. It's easy, fast and convenient way of saving your money.

GCash GSave
Open an account with GSave

It’s time to step up and begin your journey to building wealth and achieve financial freedom. It really doesn’t matter if you start from scratch. It is also alright to begin with putting aside just P500 every payday. A few years back, my husband told me to save P1,000 every month. At first, I was hesitant because I do not have that huge income from freelance job. Aside from that I am in charge of our grocery expenditure at home so I'm not sure if I can keep a thousand pesos for another savings but I obliged. At the end of the year, I was so happy with my P12,000. Hubby said I can buy anything I want but guess what? I used that for investment.

The Gift of Saving
Planning for the future
Treat yourself to a pampering session

Pampering sesh once in a while
Pampering sesh once in a while. Using my favorite nailpolish, Orly!

No amount is too small to start saving. You can start with even P50 or P100 depends how much you can save but ideally it should be 20% of your income. Sooner than you know, it has grown into a little nest egg that can sustain your big dreams and even your retirement.

Saving for travel and leisure.

But, where to start? Traditional banks offer an average interest rate of .03% on savings account every year. If you want to grow your money a little faster, you might want to open a mobile savings account like GSave, another feature of leading mobile wallet, GCash. I just started opening an account with GSave.

GSave, a collaboration with Malaysian bank CIMB, is an easier, quicker and more accessible option to grow one’s savings that offers a higher interest rate at 3% annually -12 times higher than rates in traditional banks. Another perk of opening an account with GSave is that if your savings hit P25,000 and up, the interest rate also increases to 4%, something you won’t easily find in brick-and-mortar banks.

GSave also guarantees convenience because users open and maintain a bank account straight from the GCash app without the cumbersome requirements of a traditional bank. 

Benefits of Opening a GSave Account:

1. It requires no minimum deposit or a maintaining balance.
2. Users can also set up an automatic transfer to move a certain amount of money from their GCash wallet to their GSave account. This way, they don’t end up spending all of their money before the next payday. To open an account, all users need is one valid identification card.
3. Easy and convenient. You don't have to queue to the bank for transaction.
4. You can easily access GSave through the GCASH app. To find out more visit their page, GCash.

With GSave, there’s really no reason for going broke, especially during the holidays. Have you tried GSave? If not, I suggest you register, open an account and make this a Christmas present for yourself.


  1. Wow my gsave Pala ang gcash now ko LAng nalaman to Ma inquire nga din.. Thank you for this miss marj it will be a big help.


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