I GuTS To Know! UST Guild of Thomasian SpEducators General Assembly


Cooking demonstrations, fun run and other sports events – all promotes wellness and healthy living among Filipino children and families. These are just some of the advocacies that I will always want to blog about. Recently, I was invited to attend an event exclusively for aspiring Special Education Teachers from the University of Santo Thomas. 

The Guild of Thomasian SpEducators ( UST-GuTS) is an accredited student organization of the University of Santo Thomas that envisions its members to become social catalysts equipped with values that will allow them to nurture the development of persons with special needs and inspire others to actively participate in its mission.

I GuTS To Know

On August 15,  the “UST I GuTS To Know” General Assembly of members held. This gathering aims to re-affirm their identity as SpEducator, as an advocate of People with Disabilities (PWD) and Special Education (SpEd). The event serves as a continuity of camaraderie among Thomasian SpEducators who share the same enthusiasm of recognizing the eccentricity, individuality and uniqueness of exceptional individuals. Less than five hundred students arrived and spent some time with fellow students laughing and chatting while enjoying good food.  


A scrumptious lasagna rolls topped with bechamel sauce, hot mini chicken pie and mini fish burger, prepared by Ms. Neneth Tiongkiao, a food aficionado who has been joining and won several cooking contests. As a foodie, she also loves to  attend cooking demonstrations and food tasting events. 


I love the mini chicken pie, it reminds me of chicken ala king but definitely doesn’t taste the same. It’s generous on vegetables and chunks of chicken. This one was served in mini cups but topped with small pieces of star biscuits making it more attractive and unique. 


Say hello to new lasagna rolls! Recently I’ve seen a lot of chefs making use of lasagna sheets in creating new and exciting recipes. I still remember the one I attended during the ELBA Cookbook launch, another Chef prepared dessert using lasagna sheets placing cream and fruits in between. That night, I saw another interesting dish, Ms. Tiongkiao call it Mini Lasagna Rolls. 


Making lasagna rolls is more difficult and time consuming compared to the usual lasagna dish. I like its filling, generous on sauce and meat, these lasagna rolls was loved by the Thomasian  SpEducators. The pasta was cooked just right and the bechamel sauce is a winner too! However, the mini fish burger filling taste a little sweet.


Ms. Tiongkiao told me that she makes and mixes her own juice which she did not revealed the brand. For me it’s too sweet but not sugary sweet so I wanted it to have more ice. It also smells sweet. I wonder what could be the flavor if she will add lemon or orange slices on it.

DSC08148[1] DSC08150[1]

This cute mini cup cakes with minty flavor, topped with roasted peanut and soft chocolate cream are just fine. These mini cup cakes were baked by Chef Vonn Romero.

DSC07853Mini Cup Cakes by Chef Vonn Romero  DSC07927

It was a great and memorable experience joining an event with the advocates of People with Disabilities. The group was lead and supervised by their President, Ms. Liona Jeane Guzman. It touches my heart  knowing that the student’s mission and commitment is serving people with special needs. As an individual not only as a blogger or healthcare provider, I recognize their importance and expertise and support every efforts of the Guild of Thomasian Educators. It was very inspiring watching the students full of energy as they actively participate in achieving the group’s mission.

Congratulations to UST-GuTS! Party smile

DSC07863 DSC07884DSC07892 DSC07922DSC07845 DSC07889



Learn more about “GuTS” (Guild of Thomasian SpEducators) visit University of Santo Thomas, Espana, Manila, Philippines


For Food and Catering Services, contact Ms. Neneth Tiongkiao

Mobile:  +63 932-974-1710

Website:  Taguig Pool Side Buffet, Inc.





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