My Samsung Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

It's been a year and a half when we decided to get our first fully-automatic washing machine. From several brands, we choose Samsung. Since then, gone are the tedious days of doing the laundry. No more backpains from scrubbing! My life was so easy, multi-tasking as the spinner performs its job. I have enough "me time", viber calls to my relatives in the province. 

My Samsung Fully-Automatic Washing Machine WA80V4 by MarjorieUy
My Samsung Fully-Automatic Washing Machine WA80V4
My Samsung Fully-Automatic Washing Machine WA80V4 by MarjorieUy

We got the WA80V4 around eleven thousand at SM Appliances. There are several reasons why we choose Samsung over other brands. One is the Digital Inverter technology which saves on energy as well. It has wash, rinse and spin function and features Double Storm Pulsator, Diamond Drum, Magic Filter and Air turbo Dyring Option. I love that I can control the water level from low, medium to high. 

Samsung Fully-Automatic Washing Machine WA80V4 by MarjorieUy

My Samsung Fully-Automatic Washing Machine WA80V4 by MarjorieUy
The Magic Filter
My Samsung Fully-Automatic Washing Machine WA80V4 by MarjorieUy

Buttons you just need to slight press according to your needs - fuzzy, quick, wool, soak and clean tub.

My Samsung Fully-Automatic Washing Machine WA80V4 by MarjorieUy

This year, Samsung launched another line of Fully-Automatic Washing Machines and I'm sure you'll be eyeing one of them as a Christmas gift from the hubby! :) because of its elegant look and high performance, not to mention its practical innovation.

Samsung Fully-Automatic Washing Machines by MarjorieUy

Here are notable features of a Samsung Fully-Automatic Washing Machines:

Samsung EcoBubble Technology allows for the even distribution of detergent and deeply penetrates the fabric faster than highly concentrated liquid detergent. It completely dissolving the detergent and allows easier rinsing and minimizes detergent residue and stains.

Samsung Fully-Automatic Washing Machines by MarjorieUy
EcoBubble promises no loss of wash performance and allows laundry to be done faster and more efficiently, giving you extra time to do other things or spend time for herself.

Stain Away, on the other hand, is a pre-programmed cycle with settings that help remove common household stains that moms usually have a difficult time cleaning, such as cocoa, blood, tea, wine, coffee, make-up and grass. This is best for families with little ones.

Wobble technology protects delicate fabrics from friction damage without compromising washing performance. The Wobble pulastor’s unique structure generates a dynamic, multi-directional washing flow to prevent tangles, twists and knots while thoroughly cleaning clothes.

Samsung Fully-Automatic Washing Machines by MarjorieUy
WA16F7S9MTA-TC Silver

The WA16F759’s Digital Inverter technology ensures durability and saves on energy as well. It’s large capacity 16kg. also allows moms to save laundry time.

Do you prefer to pre-wash heavily soiled clothes, the Samsung Fully Automatic Top Load WA4000HH is a smart choice. This all-in-one washing machine features practical innovations such as the ActivDualWash, on top of Wobble Technology, that allows laundry to be done with less time, efforts and worry.

The Digital Inverter Motor has minimal moving parts, making it breakdown resistant. Magnet utilization makes it more efficient, increasing energy saving and guaranteeing durability. An 11-year warranty also ensures long-lasting washing machines with fewer chances of malfunctions.

Samsung Fully-Automatic Washing Machines by MarjorieUy

Samsung’s Twin Tub offers a more convenient solution for super busy moms. It allows users to hand wash and pre wash clothes in one machine. It comes with a dedicated wash tray on the machine itself. Its body is made of non-corrosive, rust proof plastic, keeping it in tip-top condition despite being exposed to the elements outside of the home, where most machines in the Philippines are kept.

Samsung Fully-Automatic Washing Machines by MarjorieUy

An Air-Turbo Spin-Drying system also helps reduce drying time by rotating the drum at high-speed, drawing in more air so clothes dry faster, even in humid climates.

Samsung Fully-Automatic Washing Machine Model Number:
WA16F7S9MTA-TC Silver

Aside from washing machine, I'm also using a white Samsung Microwave Oven. Included in my Christmas wish list is a Curved UHDTV. These home appliances make my life easier. I can still remember, the husband and I were brain storming then, he wanted to try a semi, automatic washing machine but I really like Samsung's fully-automatic one. I'm so glad he gave me the one I really like. 

Photos were taken using Samsung Note 3
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Meikah YbaƱez-Delid said...

I want (and need) this!!! :-)

Marjorie said...

same statement when I was hunting for a new washer. talaga i really wanted a fully automatic so i highly recommend it. Go Meikah! get it as a #Christmasgift for yourself. we deserve one! tama na kuskos piga! :)

Meg Llamoso said...

I am planning to get the Double Storm WA80V4, too. How is it's performance? Maganda po ba ang pagkakalaba? Thank you!

Marjorie Pineda-Uy said...

Hi Meg, I've been using it for 5 years now and I'm happy with it. Maganda naman wag mo lang overload. I also like the options for wool, quick wash etc. I'm not sure though if it's still available in the market, perhaps Samsung have new models of washing machine na.

Thank you for dropping by!



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